At Feed ME Fit we try and keep our meals simple by providing a balance of proteins, carbs, and vegetables/fiber. We only want to offer what we eat; simple, nutrient dense, good tasting food that can be heated up quickly, or eaten straight from the refrigerator.

Like everything we do, the process is simple; check out what’s being prepped on our menu. The menu is posted here, on our Facebook page, and on our Instagram page.
~All prices are listed next to the meal. An 8% (sales) tax will be added when we invoice you. We usually offer a “protein” add-on with our vegetarian/vegan option for additional $2. That will be specified. Due to the amount of orders we prep weekly, customization’s cannot be done.
**NOTE-We will attempt to honor requests to leave out items or switch something out, but please understand now, moving forward, it may not be possible and we may have to say “NO” (even though we don’t like to)**

If you are looking for something more individualized and separate from the weekly menu we can do that. Just email or call us for details.

~Determine which pick-up/drop-off time & location works best for you, then go to the ORDER page and fill out the form with your information. There are no minimum orders, no subscriptions, or memberships. Although we think you will order regularly, it is not required. Order what you like, when you like.

~You will receive an email confirmation of your order and your designated pick-up, along with an invoice/receipt stating payment types and arraignments. Payments can be made through the *invoice, *Venmo (@feedmefit207), cash/check/Debit-CC. Payment is requested no later than the time of meal delivery or pick-up. (*preferred payment method)

~Pick up your meals as stated. *We understand that situations arise for many reasons. If you need to change your pick-up time/location please let us know by Saturday each week.*

**We are now offering a personal or direct delivery for an additional charge, depending on your location. Contact us at the time of ordering to discuss details**

Enjoy! Oh, and tell your friends and family.


*MMC employees, please let us know with your order if you are working the weekend to facilitate a Sunday or Monday drop-off time*

~Dynamics Fitness (Forest Ave) – Sundays @ 8 and 10am and Mondays at 8am. (Sunday pick-up actually occurs in the Millenia Nails parking lot just opposite of the rear driveway to Dynamics Fitness). *Please do not enter Dynamics through the front door, unless you are taking class*

~Public Market House, Monument Sq. – (Front entrance) Message us for times on Sunday and/or Monday

~CIEE employees – Monday

~Westbrook Reg. Voc. Center – Monday 10:30am

(We have alternative locations set up in southern Maine when orders come from those areas. Please contact us for details)