The 11/16 Prep

(A) ~Pumpkin Pancakes~ $11.25  
Gluten-free baking mix, pureed pumpkin, unsweetened almond milk, plant-based vanilla protein powder, vanilla, egg, spices. Local bacon & maple syrup.    <cal/326, f/14gm, C/35gm, p/15gm>

(B) ~Turkey Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato~ $11.25
Baked sweet potato, taco spiced ground turkey (chili, cumin, garlic, onion), spinach, black beans, corn, PLUCKED FRESH SALSA. Lime crema.   <cal/452, f/20gm, C/35gm, p/33gm>

(C) ~Black Bean & Lentil Chili~ (V) $11.00 
Black beans, lentils, poblano pepper, onion, carrot, tomato, chili spices.  *Add ground turkey – $2*   <without/with GT – cal-358/468, f-14/20gm, C-44gm, p-14/28 gm>

(D) ~OG Option~ $10.00
Seasoned ground beef, turmeric rice, roasted broccoli.      <cal/538, f/26gm, C/40gm, p/36gm>

**please note that the macros are estimated and have not been tested**
Orders are due by NOON on Thursday, 11/14. (Late fee may apply if ordering past deadline)
Orders will be ready on Sunday, 11/17