The Feb 29th Prep

(A) ~Spinach & Feta Turkey Meatballs~ $11.75
Lean ground turkey, spinach, garlic, lemon, feta, (turkey) bone-broth infused jasmine rice, roasted garlicky green beans.   <cal/484, f/20gm, C/40gm, p/36gm>

(B) ~Big Buzz Pork Tenderloin~ $11.50 (GF)
Roasted pork tenderloin (with THE SPICE BEAST‘s coffee/herb rub), cinnamon-chipotle sweet potatoes, vinegar braised red cabbage. <cal/472, f/20gm, C/38gm, p/35gm>

(C) ~Cauliflower Shawarma Buddha Bowl~ $11.50 (V)
Shawarma (black pepper, garlic, cumin, paprika) roasted cauliflower & chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, parsley, mint, lemon, couscous. Tahini dressing.   *Add flank steak – $2*   <cal-370/482, f-18/26gm, C-32gm, p-20/30gm>

(D) ~The “OG” Option~ $10 (GF)
Ground beef, (beef) bone-broth infused jasmine rice, roasted broccoli.  <cal/546, f/26 gm, C/36gm, p/42gm>

*Please note that the macros are estimated and have not been tested*
**Meals are produced in a facility that also processes, wheat, soy, tree nuts, and dairy products**
Orders are due by NOON on Thursday, 02/27
(Late fee may apply if ordering past deadline)
Orders will be ready on Sunday, 03/01