No menu this week!

Some news…..

First – thank you to everyone that reached out, messaged, and/or called. We appreciated it very much. For those of you that donated to our GoFundMe page, purchased gift certificates, or sent us a little something; thank you so much. It was hard to ask during a time where we did not know how this would play out. We still have a couple of hurdles to clear but I think (fingers crossed) that we will end up OK.

With that being said, I was hoping to post a small menu tonight for availability starting Sunday, but it doesn’t look like I can with 100% certainty. Certain issues regarding not only staff, but issues with supporting Jr at home during the busy time at the end of the week and weekend. If something changes (which it may, I’m working on it), I’ll post it and let you know. Again, thank you!

Contact us anytime with questions, concerns, or ideas.

We appreciate every single one of you!